Groups are designed to be spaces where community and faith formation can happen. We offer a variety of groups throughout the year, some short-term (4-6 weeks), others more sustained across the year (September-May). If you have any questions about groups, don't hesitate to reach out to Derek Sweatman here.

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Parish Groups

September - May 2022-23

Parish Groups are neighborhood-based gatherings that meet regularly in homes for fellowship, study, and prayer. Groups are designed to places of friendship and support, where relationships are built and people are cared for. This fall we are hosting groups in the neighborhoods of Virginia Highlands, Brookhaven, and North Buckhead. We are currently adding groups to other parts of the city, so if your area of town is not listed, hang in there...we'll have more to choose from soon! 

Sign-up form will go live in August! 

Gospel Reading Partners

Short-term group (6 weeks)

These groups are made up of 2-3 people (and a facilitator) reading through the Gospel of Luke together. Groups meet for 6 weeks for reading discussion and prayer. This is not a class or a Bible course of any kind; it's simply people reading the Gospel story and talking. 

To join a reading group, go here.

Parish Dinners

Every 2 months (September - May 2022-23)

These dinners take place every 2 months in neighborhoods across the city, and are a good opportunities to hang with people from the church who live your area of town.