Questions You May Have

Where are we moving?

We have drawn a cone from our current location that heads north, northeast, and east of downtown. We have limited our scope to several miles in each of those directions in order to maintain consistency for current attenders.

Do we have a realtor?

Yes. Max Mandelis, Vice President of Transwestern Atlanta is our realtor. Her husband, Nick White, is the owner of the Terminus330 company, and she owns the building we currently lease.

What about financing?

Scott Dixon is leading this portion of the campaign, meeting with loan officers and organizations that specialize in church relocation and building ventures. Scott works in financial consulting and is a longtime member of Atlanta Christian Church.

What kind of building will we get?

We are looking at everything from warehouse space to closed-down churches. We plan to secure a location that has adequate parking, room to grow, and the ideal space to do what we do.

Will our name change again?

No. It’s the reason we changed it to Atlanta Christian Church. That name travels well.

Can we help with the process?

Of course. We will need people to help with design, renovation work, and more.

How soon will this happen?

Our plan to is to move into a place in 2018/19.

If you have additional questions, go here and ask away!