middle & high school

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment where students can build friendships, take next steps in their faith, and learn the divine trade of serving others. If there's a season when all sorts of questions about life, relationships, and faith begin to surface, it's that long season known as middle and high school. And we want to help! Through worship, teaching, social outings, games, retreats, and more, we try to help students learn the ways of Jesus, and the practices that give shape to our faith: community with others, growth in their relationship with God, and service to those in need. 

Sunday Mornings, 9:30AM in the Loft

Upcoming Events

Check back regularly for lists of upcoming events and registration links.

  • White Water Outing

    Tuesday, June 6th

    Meet at Buckhead Corner Bakery at 8:30am for breakfast

    Pick up at dinner location, time and location TBD

    Cost is $40 plus money for food