Welcome to Lent

This well-known season on the church calendar runs for forty-days (not including Sundays) and has been the church's pathway to Easter for more than 1700 years. It is a time for Christians to participate in deep personal reflection, repentance, and the renewal of a faith that may have grown tired. Take advantage of these resources during the season and we pray that you will find rest and renewal in your faith.

  • Deep Cut Podcast, Lenten Series

    Each Wednesday during Lent we'll release a new episode of the "Deep Cut" podcast that will go further into the themes and lessons of the season. 

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  • Recommended Reading: 

    Lent, by Esau McCaulley

    In this short volume, priest and scholar Esau McCaulley introduces the season of Lent, showing us how its prayers and rituals point us not just to our own sinfulness but also beyond it to our merciful Savior. 

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  • Weekly Reflection Guides

    Download PDFs below:

    Entering Lent (Week of Ash Wednesday)

    Week 1 - February 18-24

    Week 2 - February 25-March 2

    Week 3 - March 3-9

    Week 4 - March 10-16

    Week 5 - March 17-23

    Week 6 - March 24-30